Dimensional / 3D

Dimensional (or 3D) is a specialised printing process that is immensely popular due to its attention-grabbing and appealing characteristics. You can see a variety of objects of the same images being separated into different spatial layers without having to move or tilt it at an angle. The finished product can help to create awareness and convey your message more effectively when applied to a poster or as a small premium item to potential customers. The unique images and designs make it a favourite collectible for all.


Morphing is the conversion of an image to another via gradual and seamless transformation. The below is an example of Morphing on a traditional Chinese opera masks.


Zooming creates the illusion of images realistically leaping off a page and works best for bringing attention to elements such as products, logos, or important messages.


Animation is a series of sequential images being put together to create a scene that resembles a short movie clip. The animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action. The below are examples of a car cruising along the highway with a changing skyline and a point of perspective movement dramatically reproduced in a printed piece.


Flipping is the effect of swapping two images - vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. This can be seen when the card is tilted or held at different angles. It is possible to combine 2 – 3 different images (i.e. product image and company logo) to produce this flipping effect.