Dramatically Different

Looking for a superior colour option that is consistent and true? Do you want to capture the attention of consumers more effectively?

COLOUR CRITICAL™ PRINTING offered by Spectrum Press delivers a more saturated, vibrant colour that is close to what the actual product would look like. This is made possible by working with a larger colour gamut that can stimulate up to nearly 90 percent of Pantone colours. From realistic skin tones to lush pastels, you are assured of consistent and accurate prints that save you both time and money.

Experience the superior colour reproduction and enjoy:

• Rich solids, realistic skin tones, true pastels and continuous-tone images
• Enhanced sharpness, contrasts and brightness
• Accurate, consistent quality
• Minimized colour correction on press
• Cost effective
• Greater market differentiation and appeal

We are pleased to be the only printer in Singapore and one of the few in Asia offering the COLOUR CRITICAL PRINTING™.